Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Draw...

On Monday I had my first blood draw to check my estrogen levels.   Since I no longer have a cycle, this was the only way to tell when to start me on medications.  The first of those medications being birth control. I know, weird...   but this will be able to sync my body with our carriers body so when they retrieve my eggs, her body is able to become pregnant when they implant the embryos. The bloodwork came back where they wanted it, so I began birth control yesterday.
I will be on the birth control for 2-5 weeks depending on our carriers cycles.

Our 6 week journey to pregnancy will begin on Monday.  Injections will being shortly after and hopefully we will have a pregnant carrier by the end of July.

I took the IVF class last week, and definitely learned a lot.  I have began to de-fragerance everything we have.  Laundry soap, dryer sheets, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner...  All of which can kill embryos so on the day of retrieval/transfer we will be scent free for those little guys to grow strong!! :)

We are still in the waiting game right now, but I think posts are more fun with pictures.... so once things begin at the clinic, I will be documenting everything and sharing photos on here :)

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  1. YEY!!
    its going to fast its awesome!! *but still wish it was faster*