Friday, June 1, 2012

Learning as we go...

Yesterday I went to the clinic for a class all about IVF.  Let me tell you, it was so interesting to see how it all works.  There were slides, photos and even recordings through the embryologists microscope to see exactly how they do the different ways of fertilization.   It gave me chills to think they are creating life right before your eyes.  If I didn't love my job so much... I would seriously consider going back to school for that field.

Yesterday also we scheduled our first Calendar appointment.  This is the BIG one.  We will be going in, in a little over a week and this is where our whole 6 week journey will begin.  Scheduling medications, appointments and the actual TRANSFER!! AHH! We are all so excited!   There is a small chance we could transfer in July, but we won't know until we go in for the first appointment.   If not July, the August will be our month for a transfer.

It is really happening, and becoming a reality.

Fingers crossed that our transfer works the first time around!!!

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