Thursday, April 25, 2013

29 weeks 4 days

What an exciting weekend we had!!!!  4D Ultrasound... Isnt he a cutie!??!?!?!
Yes I am uploading all 42 of them.... and then some!! ;)

Amanda stood between the window and me... pretty cool illusion huh??  :) 

Amanda and Me

The girls lovin' on their brother..


  1. Congratulations, he looks really cute!

  2. Oh by the way, I am Amanda's friend, we went to highschool together. Here's a little something for you, I absolutely love this site, it helps me so much on my parenting journey, where sometimes it seems there is no compass, but there's lots of great information here! :

    Here's their facebook page:

  3. All the pics are amazing! Love his precious little face. And love the pics with your surro. I hope to a do a few pics with ming when she's further along.

  4. Do we get another update soon? :)

  5. Hope all is going well and another update is coming.