Friday, October 26, 2012

It's out of our hands

The transfer, a second attempt... has finally happened!!  What happens now is out of our hands, and we pray the Lord has good things planned for us this time around!!! 

This time was so much more emotional than the first for me. I really am not sure why, because I thought I was more prepared this time to deal with whatever happens. Good, or bad. 

It helps that Amanda and I have gotten very close over the last few months, and last week I spent a couple days with her at her home, as her Papa passed away.  I couldn't believe how strong she was, but yet she IS that type of person.  She is the rock in her family and even though I have only met them a few times, I can tell she makes sure everyone is taken care of.   I couldn't ask for a better person to be our gestational carrier.  :)

We transferred two beautiful embryos this time. They thawed perfectly, and began to grow new cells almost immediately. ( good sign ) 

Anywho- we will hopefully know soon if this time took!!!!  The suspense is killing all of us until the first blood draw!!!!

Amanda's husband helping her get through her first accupuncture treatment.  We opted to do it this time around, as it is supposed to up the % rate of success.  
Amanda and I

The embryos.  We got to see them being taken out of the lab, they show you this so you know they are indeed yours.  

 They have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are brought into the procedure room in a catheter tube, and that is how they   are placed as well.
 Dr. C transferring!!!!!

And now we wait....

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