Monday, October 29, 2012


We have known that Amanda is pregnant since 5 days after the transfer.  But, kept it to ourselves until we had bloodwork to confirm.   This morning we had that blood draw and her HCG level is 467.   


Our last transfer her HCG level was 25. So, I can say that I feel a lot better about this time than I did last time.  There is always hesitation in the back of my head.... I think it would be weird if it wasnt after all of the ups and downs we have had.

We will go back on Wednesday in hopes her number doubles.  If so, that is GREAT news!!! :)  If the number gets into the 1000's by next week we could even get our first ultrasound to see how many little munchkins are in there!!!  I am over the moon at thought of just one little bean... anything more is just "icing on the cake" as my friend put it today.

Keep the sticky prayers coming!!!

See you Wednesday!!! :)

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