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In 2010 I became pregnant with our first child, and lost our unborn baby "Charlie" at 5 months due to complications. After that tragic loss, We decided to try again and became pregnant in 2011. This pregnancy was found out to be a cervical pregnancy, and Iwas life-flighted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I was hospitalized for a month. While there I endured emergency surgery, and lost the fetus and my uterus in order to save my life.
In addition to going through losing two babies, I have a rare genetic disorder called BRCA1 where I am at an extremely high risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer.  On March 13th of 2012,  I  underwent a double mastectomy and I had my ovaries removed in September of this year(2013)

The following is my journal from the last 2 years of everything I have been through:

For more on my BRCA, and my other surgeries :

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  1. I too had hemorrhaging, following the delivery of firstborn, which resulted in a life-saving hysterectomy. Very scary. I remember my doctor saying literally the same things to me when I came out of surgery. Reading your story really takes me back to that emotional time. I'm glad you're healing. I went on to have three more children, twins through a surrogate and adopted my last child.
    -melissa (