Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2nd Trimester!!!

On Sunday we hit our 13 weeks mark!!!  I am SO Excited to be out of the "danger zone".  Although it is always said you are in the clear after that, we know all to well that isnt the case.  We just hope our chances are a lot higher now of a successful remaining 6 months, that we have made it this far.

 The last two years I have been so lucky to have a small group of women I refer to as my "virtual friends". Although we have never met, I could have never made it through anything without them and consider them as some of my closest friends.   We all met on  summer of 2010 when I was first pregnant.   Wow have I learned so many things about being pregnant, and motherhood.  Some may call us crazy if they knew what we talked about in there... :) Anyway the reason I bring them up is because they have seem a LOT of sonogram films.  I mean  alot... and they have studied them, dissected them, tweeked them... and one of them thinks she sees girl parts, not boy parts. me nervous for a bit.  An anxious nervous because we don't care what baby is- just healthy.

It IS very early to learn a sex of a baby at 12 weeks, 5 days.  But our sonographer was pretty darn sure of it.  I am sad we didn't get "the money shot" but hopefully in 3 weeks we will have another one and we can definitely confirm, that baby in fact a boy.   I feel its a boy, and Amanda feels like she did when she was pregnant with her son.  So we are gonna go with boy...until we are proven wrong.

We have started talking names already....and before we found out the sex, I blurted out a girl name, and Jack loved it.  It was settled...that was going to be the name.   Then we found out it was a boy...and I have rattled of 30 names.  None of which either of us love...

So, we are taking recommendations... Please leave a comment below with a boy name that you think would fit our little man!! :)



  1. Finn, Liam, and Drake are some of my favorites that we won't use ;) (Yes two of those are Tori Spelling's kids names--I like her kid naming taste) Which if you have a girl her daughters names are Stella and Hattie. Both pretty cute :)

  2. Jenner, Asher, Micah, Silas, Henry, Bode, Briggs

    Girls -- just in case he turns to a she: Selah, Tatum, Aubrey, Cora

  3. Jaxon. It'll be the name I have for my next boy but I figured I'd throw it out there.

  4. Ya second trimester! My husband and I have a boy named picked out already and have a bunch of girl names that we like, and our carrier isn't even pregnant yet. I am with Melissa though that I like Tori Spelling's kids names. My son was even named Liam. Wish I could help with the boy names but the only one's I really love are Liam and Maximilian-which will be our next sons name. Good thing you still have 6 months.

  5. Hi! I started following your photography blog a few years ago. I was pregnant when you posted about losing baby Charlie and I was so sad for you. After my baby was born I have always thought about being a surrogate and a few weeks ago I started researching it. Somehow I came across Amanda's blog which led me here. I was like, "omg, I know her!", but really I don't. Ha! Anyway, I'm excited to follow you and baby's progress. My favorite boy names are Logan and Reed.

  6. We had Cameron, Jesse, and Jagger picked out and then settled on Levi. And you could name him Levi, too. I don't mind. :)


  7. I started following your blog after I had seen a story of you featured in the Fargo Forum. You are truly an inspiration and I admire your strength! I love the name Tate our son's name is Tayten and we were going to call him Tate for short but have since fallen in love with his full name.