Sunday, April 14, 2013

28 Weeks

Hello THIRD Trimester!!!!!
Today marks the 28th week of our pregnancy.
I am SO excited to be getting to each new week. To be honest I get really nervous that we may not see the next week with all of the scares he has been giving us.  
Stay in there little man.... 

We had an appt on Friday and things were well, Amanda is measuring 29 centimeters so baby is proving to be a bigger guy.  I think he is just going to be really long, given Jack's and my height.
She also passed the glucose test which is always good :)

Then Friday night...Amanda went in because her PH level was really high.  She has some strips from
her DR. and the levels were in the range which they said could possibly be amniotic fluid.  
Luckily the test was negative for fluid....
They think she may have had a small spurt and that if there was a  leak, it would heal itself.

She is resting and monitoring it at home, for now until things change.
Which hopefully they don't- ;)

Baby is a Chinese Cabbage this week at a little over 2 lbs. 

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