Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monday June 11th

On Monday, our carrier, her husband and their two kids came up to Fargo for our first appointment jointly.

Jack, our carrier and I met with our NP Erin and she went over all of the releases and paperwork we needed to begin "officially" our journey.

I am excited to say... that, exactly what happened.

We have begun our calendar appointments finally, and will routinely be going in now.
Now that everything is on paper with the clinic, the first thing to do is lay out the timeline of both our carrier and my medications.  I started the birth control over a week ago now, and will begin my actual injections and oral meds July 3rd.  Before that can happen though, both Jack and I will be going in for FDA testing  ( required by law ) and also a physical exam for each of us.

Our carrier will not need to be on birth control because her body's cycle is right on track! How crazy is that!!! :) We are so mean to be.....  ;)

She was given a bunch of sample medications which she will start soon, and also the main medications are being shipped to her right now so she has them when she needs them.

Right now what we are doing is trying to keep ourselves extra healthy, less stressed and de-perfuming our clothes, soaps, bedding.  We learned that anything fragranced can kill embryos when it comes time to transfer. We want to give those guys every chance they can to away with the perfumes they will go.

We are shooting for an aspiration date of July 15th, and the transfer between the 17th and 20th.  It will all depend on how long they will watch the embryos grow. 3 to 5 days depending on mobility and follicles growing.

Its all so exciting....

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