Tuesday, June 11, 2013

36 Weeks 2 days!

36 weeks....thats ALMOST full term! I haven't quite wrapped my head around it yet...it could happen any time!

We have another appointment tomorrow, and I am suuuuper excited to hear what the dr says.  Amanda has been on the BP meds for contractions to keep them at bay, but this last week she has said she feels as though her body is fighting the meds. Which, only can mean one thing....right?? (almost time)   The meds have also been making her a little more queazy then normal, so she has been put on one more to help that.

BUT....It all will commence Sunday.  Sunday we are 37 weeks!! FULL TERM!!!!  That means all meds will stop, and we will let nature take over and if her body is ready to go, then we will GO!!

I am wearing a constant smile these days, so excited to meet my little man.  I sit and wait for Amanda to call me and tell me that it's time, or her water broke or contractions are picking up because I will be the first one down i94 to her house/the hospital.

I also have mixed emotions about this because this has been such an incredible journey, and I am not sure I want it to end...except I really really really do so I can have the prize at the end ;)

A lot of people have been asking me lately, will I ever do this again??  In my wildest dreams..without a doubt.  In reality,  I have no idea.  I have always wanted more than one child, but now I am lucky to have three once little man comes.  The girls are so excited to meet their brother, they ask every day if he is coming yet!!  I love seeing that smile on their face.   So...maybe down the road we will get the chance to do this again!

So my tasks for this week are to get all of my work caught up at the studio, so if he DOES come this week or next, I will be ready.

I am secretly hoping she goes into labor on Sunday so I have a whole week off to snuggle him before I go back to work.

I know I say it every week, but seriously Amanda is just glowing.  She is looking better and better every week!!  Love you Amanda!! XOXO

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  1. She really does look amazing. That is the most perfect bump I have ever seen!! I am beyond excited for you Sam and I cant wait to see all the pictures of your little man! You are going to be one amazing momma.