Thursday, December 27, 2012


Tomorrow we have another sonogram.   These things scare the core.  Seems like almost every one we have ever had ( all pregnancies ) have been all to often bad news.   I just really psych myself out for this...and tonight is no different.

Amanda has been texting me little things like... "wiggle wiggle someone says hi"   Which makes me feel better, knowing she can sense/feel little one is kicking around in there.  Not surprised, as at the last ultrasound it was doing what seemed to be something equivalent to the ghangamn style.  lol

So...we wait.   I will wait with a higher blood pressue than normal, and once we see that little flutter, those limbs a movin' and everything checks out.... I will feel better.

Some of my friends say they found out what they were having at this stage...I am trying not to get my hopes up because I know it IS super early.  But how fun would it be if we DID find out!?!??!?!

So, I ask tonight that you keep our little one in your thoughts and hope along with us for a healthy sonogram tomorrow!!!

<3   -S

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  1. After reading this whole blog yesterday, I was dreaming of you holding your little one last night. A baby girl!

    Everything's going to be just fine!