Friday, December 21, 2012

11 weeks

Today Marks 11 weeks and 6 days!  We havent had any more Dr. appts since our last ultrasound when baby was being super rambunctious.  So not much to update here....

Amanda has been feeling off and on sick, with dizziness at times as well.  When it was twins, her tummy grew quite quickly, and now has tapered down  a bit as her body adjust to growing only one, instead of two beans.  She had a little bit of spotting, which the Dr. told her would probably happen when Baby B would officially "pass".

I have been so busy with work it seems like time is going fast!!! I can't wait to see Amanda next week for our next sonogram.

Happy Holidays to all of you, we wish you nothing but health and happiness in 2013!!!
Love, Jack, Sam,  J+L

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