Monday, July 23, 2012

Procedure Day!

This morning Amanda came up to have her lining checked, it was back up to 10mm which is SO amazing!!!!

Following her appt, I stayed at the clinic for my Aspiration Procedure.  It was a minimal surgery about 30 minutes long, and an hour in recovery.  I am home now resting and just over the moon...

They were able to get 20 eggs from me!!! That is way more than I think anyone expected.  Hopefully all of them are good quality!!  They will fertilize the eggs, and of course some of them will not survive but we are hoping for a good amount of strong growers.

Transfer will be on Thursday, and then 10 days later we will find out if our baby is growing in Amanda's belly!!

The socks are always the best part of surgery... I love hospital socks! ;)

After recovery... everything went great!!

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