Friday, July 20, 2012

Done done and done!

Tonight was my last night of injections!  This means we are one step closer to baby...
Tomorrow will be my very last shot, and it's a big one so I can't do it myself.
The trigger shot is to release my follicles for the taking.
I will take this shot tomorrow evening, and the harvest is planned for Monday morning.

Monday, Amanda will also come up to check her lining. Last week it dropped a bit and the doctors put her on meds to beef it back up ;)

Regardless of what her lining shows... my eggiest will come out on Monday.  This day has been  a long time coming for me.  A little bittersweet.....  One step closer to baby, and one step closer to removing my ovaries to keep me cancer free.  Both are overwhelming things, that I never thought would happen for me.

So... my syringe container is sealed..and onward we go.

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