Friday, July 6, 2012

Done! Next!

Last night was my last night of birth control.  I am excited for this because this means we are on to the next step.  One...Step...Closer ;)

Our carrier had her baseline ultrasound and bloodwork today and she also started her patches today.  So far- so good!
She will double up on them as her monthly friend was a little late.  Doing this will speed up her body in preparing itself to get pregnant!
 Dang our bodies..... as much as we try to control them, we definitely have to let them do their own thing :)

The transfer got pushed back a week from our original date- which is no big deal. We want perfect conditions for those little embryos to grow strong and attach!! :)

Monday, I will go in for my first ultrasound as well and will begin my injections!

A lot of the women in our surrogacy group, have recently gotten pregnant! Its so exciting to see that this really DOES happen and quite possibly the answer to our prayers.

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