Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey Baby, we're 17 weeks!!!

Another week has passed and we have reached the 17 week mark.  Wohoo!!!

I love my weekly updates if you can't tell  :)

This week we have another ultrasound and appointment...which I CANNOT wait to see Amanda and the baby.  I think I underestimated just how hard it is to be away from them.  In the beginning I thought, oh this will be fine he is in good hands.  But now that he is developed and starting to cause a ruckus, kicking and squirming in Amanda's belly I feel sad because I am missing out.   I threw myself a big ol' pity party this week, and thankfully my group of "uterus-less" friends who are an amazing support group,  helped me through it.  I am also finding it is really hard when Amanda and I are on opposite schedules.  By the time I get home from work, eat and get settled she is getting her little munchkins ready bed.  So we haven't communicated as much as either of us would like lately.  We have been recording books, and picking out music to give to Amanda to play with headphones on her belly... I have gone through pretty much all of the girls' books and Jadah is enjoying reading her favorite books as well...although feels weird recording it.  "Don't send it Sam I sound so weird!!! The baby will think Im funny sounding" haha so cute....

Amanda has also been sending us belly pics, and videos of the little guy's HBPM.  Last night it was around 139. He has been ranging in the 140's from the last appt and her having the doppler. I think the video was in the evening so I would say he was probably resting...but Ill have to ask Amanda.  When he is being wild his HB jumped into the 170's at one of the last ultrasounds.  I believe now is the time when it starts to come down a bit, and stay at a lower rate. 

So on Thursday I will head down to see Amanda, and I am also going to take a few photos of her while I am there.  I have  some maternity clothes for her, as well as a HUGE bin full of clothes for her daughter to sort through that don't fit our girls anymore.  She should enjoy that. :)

I am just squirmy about it... maybe thats where baby gets it from.  Amanda said he has been super active lately...and kicking her as well.  I told her its probably because he has his father's Irish blood in him...but I guess if I were to ask my mother, I was a bit of a wild child myself.  Still the favorite of course though... haha kidding   ;)

We still ask for healthy thoughts for our little man, and also I would like to ask that you keep Amanda in your thoughts as she is going through some things in her personal life. 

 I wish we lived closer so we could have one of our long chats in person and I could give you the biggest hugs.  We love you Amanda and you will always be a part of our life-always.  What you are doing for us some might not understand, but know that you are our every bit of our dream come true.  xoxo



  1. My husband and I were just discussing if we'd want to.record our voices reading books or just talking to the baby so he or she will know our voices.
    Yeah for 17 weeks.

  2. Do it becky. Also sam i was so worried about the bonding for u guys after babys born with out being closer but with the little man i have here with me and no voice or bond while pregnant he is like my own. Even turns to me when hes hungry and funny knowing I provide the food ect. =) keep em coming he loves em!