Thursday, January 17, 2013

15 Weeks 4 Days

Amanda went in to have some tests because of the racing heart, dizziness she has been having.  She had an EKG and an ECHO. They also put her on a heart monitor, along with bloodwork.  Thankfully her heart is doing just fine, but they did find out her thyroid is hyperactive.  Which could be the cause for the symptoms, along with weight loss.  I know some weight loss is normal during the first few months of pregnancy, I think I lost 10lbs the beginning of my 1st pregnancy.

The Drs. mentioned possible medication to keep her thyroid from acting up too badly for her, and hopefully that will take care of it for her if they go that route. She is still waiting for the majority of the results to come back. FX for good mews!!

My good friend Megan who just had a baby, is letting us borrow her doppler.  Being an hour and a half away from Amanda gets tough some days,  so her having that has given me great peace of mind.  Baby is ranging in the 140's BPM.

Other than that... things are going well for us!!  We have another appt in a couple weeks, and we are going to do some photos of Amanda.  I did some online shopping for her today and found the CUTEST maternity clothes for her.  :) We will do more once we are together.

...I just can't wait to meet him.


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