Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beta...repeat!! :)

This morning we had a little scare with a little spotting.  Amanda is such a trooper and made the trip up here to have an ultrasound per Dr's request.  She wanted to make sure everything was okay, and thankfully it is.

The ultrasound (below) showed us that there is at least one little nugget in there.  With how high Amanda's levels are, I still think there is one hiding. If not, we are ever so thankful for this one we DO have! :D

Right now we are at 4 weeks, 3 days : with a due date of July 8th 2013. 

 It is even a miracle we were able to even see ANYTHING at this early ....

After bloodwork her HCG levels went up from 1246 to 1983    

Progesterone went up from 10 to 18.7   Anything above 7 is good for us, as we are not doing the oil injections, but suppositories.  With oil injections I believe its 20+ is a good number.

So for now.. again... we are all safe and sound.

Ultrasound still scheduled for next Wednesday.

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