Friday, July 27, 2012

Grow baby grow!!

Yesterday was the big day.  I am just now getting time to sit down and write a little bit about what it was like.  It  has been an extremely busy week, and I am glad to be sitting back in awe of everything that happened.

Thursday Amanda showed up at the clinic... in her Shoot for Sam shirt.  :) Nice touch... 
We were both overly prepared Im sure, all scent/makeup/hair product free to keep everything sterile during the procedure :)

She showed up, and we went back to talk with my favorite nurse Lisa, and she went through everything with Amanda and I, I signed the final paper and Amanda took her Valium for the procedure.

We walked back and got all prepped, and then we waited.  Here is Amanda all relaxed just waiting!!! Isn't she beautiful? Amazing? Giving? Caring??  Yeah, I think so too. ;)
 I think I took photos of everything in the room that I possibly could! I was kind of stuck in a corner per the Drs. orders, so I wasn't in the ideal spot for pictures during the procedure.  iPhone was all I had, but none the less... we got it documented.
Our favorite US tech Bob, was making sure Amanda drank enough water for a full bladder.  Perfect! As usual.... like I said, Amanda rocks. 

Making sure everyone is who they say they are. 

Right before everything started, one of the nurses gave us a photo of the two embryos. Aren't they cute??  Our dr said they were "immaculate"  I don't know if he was just making me feel good, or being truthful but either way I will take it! :) And yes I know I need to paint my nails as my lovely friends have pointed out. :)
 They they showed us the live view through the microscope...our little embys in the petri dish..sooooo tiny!!!!
 Bob and his ultrasound guiding our doctor to the perfect spot to put the little ones in!
 And they're in!! The little diagonal white line in the middle is the cathader carrying the embryos... it was so amazing to watch this whole process. We could see everything leaving the cathader and inside Amanda.
This whole process has been so amazing and overwhelming. On one hand I can't believe its happening, and on the other hand to just see all of the science behind everything and how these miracles are created takes my breath away.

Here is Amanda and I after the transfer before she headed home...
She is giving me updates on her bed rest and how bored she is.... I don't blame her.  Being home bored is fun for the first few hours and naps....then it gets a little stir crazy. At least for me anyway.
It will be at least 8 days until we find out if it worked or not...and I think this waiting period, will be the hardest than the rest.  

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